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Yes, these three brands are emerging in technological changes. And these three became part of our everyday lives. They changed our habits in our daily life.

Vanessa Wylie

If there was a "guilty" button, I'd be the first one to click it.
The way I consume news has changed (evolved?) dramatically over the last ~ten years. I was raised in a home where the daily newspaper would be on the table every morning as breakfast was served. Throughout the years I drifted from going straight to the kid-friendly/entertainment section of the newspaper, to actually reading past the cover page. Grandma on the other hand, would not start a new day without finishing reading the newspaper from the day before.

Years went by and I went from holding the newspaper and reading the news while getting my fingers tinted with black ink, to going online and consuming only the news that were appealing to me. This transition also gave me the chance to jump from newspaper site to newspaper site based on my preference, mood, etc. I was no longer stuck to just one source of information. I felt great! Liberated, free to read the news wherever I wanted, and however I wanted. Well, that feels like it was ages ago.

My news consumption has certainly changed again. It no longer involves crazy juggling of gigantic pieces of paper, or having to navigate through several websites finding the information that I need (and want) to consume. To be quite honest, my news consumption has only gotten better, and it is thanks to the three sources listed here, primarily, Apple and Facebook.
Although o get my news brief through my news app on my iPhone, I only browse through it and spend a few minutes in the morning reading the headlines of the day. Most of my information consumption comes from facebook. I "like" various sources of content on this social media channel, such as The NY Times, and other article sites as Smashable and BuzzFeed. My "likes" also include sources that are relevant to my personality and lifestyle, which actually works great to filter the articles and information that I want to read about.

Apple as the hardware source, and FB as the content deliverable have tailored my news consumption in a way that's unique to me, in a fashion that fits who I am and in a language that is actually enjoyable to read.
I can't wait to see how the evolution of new media will continue to shape the way we consume information, where and when we consume it, and how it influences our content selection process.

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