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Calgary web design

My clients don't use Twitter or Vine or much of anything. Yet. But I keep doing it anyway.

Maegan Anderson

This Vine app is very new to me but thanks for this article who gave me a brief description on how it works and pushes me to have some research about this app. I don't think that this app will be a big factor for the improvement of Twitter considering the fact that the maximum length of the video clip is only six seconds.It may be useful for other people but not for business purposes.

Becky M

Now that Vine has been around for a month and a half, I find myself questioning its impact on the social media world and public relations. I fall in the generation that would fill the target audience for companies using Vine. I’m involved in several social media platforms, I’ve been a Twitter user since 2009, a Facebook user since 2007. But I’m not a Vine user. Nor are the majority of the 200 people I follow on Twitter; maybe only 10 users. This post ends saying “If Vine, or another other shiny new tool, doesn't help a brand more effectively connect with consumers? It's just noise.” I’ve come to determine that Vine is really noisy. By comparing Twitter’s promotion of Vine to Oprah’s Book Club, the implication would be that millions of users would flock to it, but I don’t think that has been the case. Six seconds forces organizations to get really creative with their time, but I don’t think the effort will be worth it in the end. The audience just isn’t there.

Katie DePriest

Creating Vine was a genius move on Twitter’s part. As silly of a concept as six minutes of video is, the current generation of young adults and teenagers are buying into the idea at a tremendous speed. It is also a great way for companies to do a bit of free advertising, intentionally, or unintentionally. Companies can set up their own accounts and create snapshots of images reflecting their brand, and the best part is, as the viewers scroll over the video, it automatically begins to play. So, whether or not the Vine user wants to witness the advertisement or not, they will have seen at least the first second of it. Maybe now the new idea should be, how can companies and organizations capture a viewer’s attention in the first one to two seconds? Unintentionally, Vine users show pictures of products that give companies free seconds of advertising as well, for example, taking a Vine video while eating at McDonald’s. It is unfortunate to hear that Vine is being used for pornographic material; however it is to be expected that every industry might try its hand at using Vine, whether appropriate or not.


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