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I agree that marketers and consumers need to understand a brand’s social media presence, but the company needs to understand the reasoning for needing a social media presence. I think a lot of companies and brands join social media, because the company feels that it has to. In order to be an effective brand companies need to: post at least once a day, and for Facebook, after 5 if possible; have one person “speaking” and promote one voice and listen and respond to its customers. If a brand knows the purpose for joining social media, consumers will understand it better too! Great post and check out my blog too at www.portsandlinesoftheair.wordpress.com


Thank you.

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Interesting topic. Social media can really affect a consumer's buying decision.

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Social media is appeared like a new information industry branch with a big influence.

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The simple way that social marketing has changed consumer behavior is by giving customers more substantial voice than they’ve ever endured before.

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The social brand should inspire visitors to want to make an emotional link with and with you. People must like what they see and believe everything you and others say. Your social brand helps them accomplish that.

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