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Molly Borchers

Do you think men are going through an identity crisis of sorts? There is very clear guidance on the female identity. You could be a mom, a strong business woman, or both. Woohoo. Go Feminism. But what guidance are men getting these days? The traditional man/woman family and career roles are becoming less and less concrete. As the female identity gets stronger, what happens to the male identity? And how does that affect our jobs as marketers?

Good post, Kevin. You got me thinking!

Daniel Tyler

Well, the truth is there are times in every dad's life when he is less than stellar, but there are times when every or most dad's shine at one time or another. For the most part some shows like good luck Charlie do a fairly decent job of not really trashing the dads. Being a dad for over 18 years I don't take too much offense to it.

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