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Mark Miller

Although their original campaign was offensive, you make a great point about their reaction Kevin. Quick and decisive action speak volumes about TidyCat's actual intent. Allowing time for angry local citizens to organize could have been catastrophic.

This is a great lesson to PR and marketing teams about how important it is to consistently monitor social media and all feedback mechanisms. Yes, even on holiday weekends.


This is why it is so important for companies to have an active social media strategy. Without this, TidyCats might not have caught on to the upset experienced by the consumers. This is also a good example of a crisis-management plan gone right. Although TidyCats made a mistake, its fast reaction to change the billboard did the least amount of damage possible in that situation. The quick reaction time also allowed for a lot of consumers to not take notice of the ad. Social media monitoring allows companies to take advantage and do damage control on events that could help and hinder the company.


The fact that the company was able to take such immediate response to an advertisement campaign that did not set well with its social media audience speaks volumes. I agree with Maggie that their crisis-management was right on target.

Michele Aki

The crisis management was quick and they admitted their mistakes and promise to change. But any act of making fun of other people/things that could be offensive is not something one should do anyway. It's important to have in mind that people make different interpretations and being tactful about the content of a message is key to the success of any campaign.

Liz Floore

I applaud TidyCats for how quickly it responded to a budding social media problem. Listening and responding to customer complaints or concerns about a product or advertisement on social media platforms is a policy that every company should employ. Social media teams are becoming more and more popular, and those jobs didn’t even exist five years ago. One thing that TidyCats can take away from this is that they should have done more research on the area in Cincinnati that they were referring to in their ad and found out what the residents of that area think of where they live. However, on the plus side, TidyCats can walk away from this knowing that their social media team took the proper actions to prevent any brand damage from this campaign.

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Notwithstanding some offensive implications of the campaign, it just serves as a wake up call for those involve in marketing and PR sectors to checkout their use of social media. It is important that we become more than careful in making social media as a marketing tool in promoting your business.

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Tamara from Resources for Blog Writers

The failure of all companies to leverage the actual listening power of social networking is a major proper error. If social media was created to be ‘marketing like a conversation’ then surely the cornerstone of a good conversation would be to listen first.

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As entrepreneurs, we’re often focused over the next best way to make more leads for our business using web 2. However, it’s important we learn to expand this focus to view social media as possessing a much wider scope for the business, including using it effectively as the customer service platform; your decide one key element of carrying out this is active listening.

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