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I can absolutely say that I became interested in this book and movie franchise due to the word of mouth effect caused by all of the social media hype surrounding it. Marketing via social media was absolutely the best way to target this movie's target audience; I rarely watch television, and have only seen one commercial for the movie, but because so many of my friends were posting on Facebook and Twitter about the Hunger Games, I decided to read the first book and am now an avid fan. A perfect example of the power of social media!

Michael Marchese
Tulane University


Great article and I agree with you that the movie was marketed beautifully. I think the best thing Lionsgate did was begin to market the film on social media 10 months early like you said. This gave the target market enough time to read the books which only fed their excitement for the movie enough more. As the premiere came closer, you really noticed the increase in social media traffic and commercials which further heightened the excitement. By the time the movie was released, fans were fighting for tickets and the excitement made it a box office legend.

Taylor Titus

I really liked this post about the Hunger Games and social media. I know I became interested in The Hunger Games books when I first saw talk about it on social media. After reading the trilogy, social media fed my Hunger Games obsession. I liked the Facebook page and Twitter accounts related to it. They were really good about frequently updating the pages for Fans. Great post!


I completely agree about the time it takes to create an effective social media campaign. Businesses need to create enough buzz about its products so by the time the product is released, the audience is well-aware and ready to utilize it. The 10 month build-up of The Hunger Games movie had me counting down the days until the movie was actually released, which is the intended reaction to these promotions. The 10 month period also created enough time to allow the audience to read the book series. These movie companies need to be ready to adapt and change to the biggest marketing trends in order to stay on top of the market place and to create memorable and successful brands.


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