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i really loves this post. the social media changed our life by far.
now even google announced that they're going to put more emphasis the value of social media.

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Since Social Media has a big influance today politicians must engage with voters via social media or risk being left behind..

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See the arab spring and you will know power of social media...it can bring revolution

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Social Media has been widely use to post updates of personal life or even in business. No doubt that it will make changes on 2012 elections.

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Social media completely changed the way campaigns operate. Every viable candidate uses Twitter, Facebook Tumblr, and other outlets to reach a variety of target audiences. Reaching a younger audience has always been a difficult task in each election and by using these social media sites as a tactic each candidate can reach a different type of audience than in past elections. It can be assumed that these tactics were put in motion by PR professionals through research and person experience using the sites.


As the article and several previous comments point out, exploiting social media is an absolute must for political campaigns which don't want to be left behind in buzz or fundraising dollars. Obama's victory in 2008, and even the initial success of Howard Dean's earlier campaign, are examples of campaigns successfully exploiting social media and new technologies. However, as the post also mentions, social media buzz often does not translate to votes; why is this? Could it be because older voters, who are more likely to turn out on election day, aren't quite as social media savvy?

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Great article. In addition to changing the way businesses interact with consumers, social media is eliminating the communication barriers between politicians and their constituents.

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This makes it much easier to follow the elections.

My favorite strategy is to use Klout of find out which political pundits are influential and follow their Tweets. This provides me with a lot more options during the Presidential race in the coming months.

It will become even more important to follow this election because it seems that our country is becoming more and more polar. There is a huge gap between democrats, republicans and independents. This article allows people to have the ablility to be well informed which is extremely important.

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This article has correctly described the communication trends of how public express their opinions on political elections nowadays. For example, the citizens in Hong Kong are showing more concerns than ever as they keep posting comments about the breaking scandals of the candidates for the chief executive of the HKSAR Government these months. Their involvements have triggered the investigations of the legal authorities so the Social Media does have the power to influence the political elections in the contemporary world.

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