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Craig Cowbrough

The rules were only relaxed on product placement in the UK last year and so far the uptake has been thankfully slow. But it's now just entertainment channels that are under threat from the slow creep of commenrcial placements more seriously it's also news.


SEO Berkshire

Online and advertising must work hand in hand and have a system in place as to how they come across to the average consumer. Advertisers need to make sure they know what the market needs.

Joanne Yu

Product placement is quite a common strategy for marketers and public relations people to use in marketing campaign. it can not only be seen in movies, TV shows and even on social media. Second life, a virtual world game popular in Europe, displays products in hidden places everywhere. But it needs a deeper research to see how customers react to product placement.


Online advertising is affecting televisiona dvertising quite a bit

Brandon Iaboni

It's funny how accurate that infographic is on product placement. It is almost impossible to watch anything today without some type of product placement in it. What I think you have to be careful about and what I have found rather interesting is companies/organizations NOT wanting their product associated with a show, or person. Take the beloved Mike "The Situation" from Jersey Shore and Abercrombie & Fitch.

A&F actually paid Mike to NOT wear their products on television. When he did, A&F had their brand blurred out. What show you put your product in, and who you have your product associated with can have a major impact on your organization. You need to be able to protect your brand, because at the end of the day your brand is what you rely on. If your brand is associated with inappropriate shows/people, then your brand takes on that negative image.

Account Deleted

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Electronic Cigarettes

Great post and I found your commentary interesting on hidden brand PR in movies.

Absolute Vapors

Great site and your comments are dead on and we as a society can not stand by and be silent any more for we have to start stating our opinions for everyone to read and resonate in their mind.

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