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Good points! Another factor competing for attention is wifi and connection to the Internet via smartphones. You bring your laptop, tablet and/or smartphone to tweet highlights from a presentation -- and drift off and check e-mail or Facebook or read tweets if the talk isn't compelling.


Interesting post. I agree that now more than every it is difficult to keep an audience captive. Their attention is constantly being distracted by a smart phones containing a plethora of interesting distractions i.e. Facebook, Twitter, SMS text, the Internet, etc. If anything a PowerPoint must be coupled with an engaging speaker, otherwise the audience is lost before they can even be found.

Adrian Beeby

Great post. Yes, competing for an audience's attention is increasing difficult with so many distractions at hand. The up-front pay off slide is very much like 'speaking in headlines' in media coaching.


Has anyone switched over to some of the web-based presentations. Prezi is basically the google docs for presentation. It definitely still has its kinks, but it's super interactive, simple to use, and allows multiple users to access the presentation at one time. Instead of sliding from screen to screen, it bounces back and forth. Not your basic presentation, but an awesome creative alternative to beat those boring old powerpoint templates we've seen time and time again.


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