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My nickname is " hoarder"

Liz - Forever Lazy

Off with the old in with the new. In social media you need to keep your ear to the ground to be the first to any new tools that may take off and keep one step in front of your competitors.

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I always keep things that will serve as a reminder, I remember getting a pamphlet for marketing seminar.


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Staci CuddleUppets

This is funny cuz i was a total diskette hoarder. It's almost like i felt like i had to eventually look what was on those disks but there is no use for them now as my computer doesn't even support a hard disk.


Kevin this was a very interesting post. I wish I had used more diskettes, ironically. But social media is all about in with the new and out with the old but I can't help being nostalgic. I'm only 22 and I already miss the simpler times.

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