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Mike Boehmer

Excellent post, Kevin. It's so important to build off a foundation (audience/goals/measureable objectives/strategy and tactics), but not get stuck in old ways. I've been reading a lot about doing remarkable things -- about how important that is to marketing your product or service. It's a time for innovation and risk, based -- of course -- sound research, good planning, dedicated implementation and ongoing measurement/evaluation.


Good post! It is important that you are able to determine when to use old methods, when to update old methods, and when to ditch them completely. Knowing your audience and goals is key.


Agreed, I think that at times, PR professionals and marketers can either become stuck in a rut of "this is how we've always done it" or simply try to utilize the next big thing too quickly without properly assessing for better or worse the context of the situation. Granted the "white paper" might be a proper marketing tool for a certain demographic or situation, however as you eloquently stated, Pavlovian Marketing is no longer a viable option. -EMR


I think it is hard for PR professional to find a balance in being traditional and keeping up with the latest innovation.

Nick Stamoulis

Content marketing is extremely important, but what businesses need to realize is that content doesn't always simply mean an article or a white paper. It's OK, and recommended, to switch it up and be creative. A message can be sent in a variety of ways that still gets the point across.


It is essential that you are able to figure out when to use old techniques, when to upgrade old techniques, and when to dump them absolutely. Understanding your viewers and objectives is key.

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