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Michael Tangeman

Kevin, I'm a big fan of the ecosystem analysis.

But, while the "oxygen paid media brings" to any media outlet cannot be ignored, it's a business argument and not related to the value of content in terms of capturing eyeballs, interest and loyalty of readership, viewership or listening audience.

It's the nature of the content between the ads at any media outlet -- whether it's the NYTimes, FOX News, Mashable or your local weekly community paper -- that determines the community that reads, listens, views and consumes the content.

The community is not there for the ads ... the ads are there because of the community that is there because of the content! That's what advertising media kits are all about ... who are our readers, our viewers; who do we reach. That determines whether or not the paid media enters any given ecosystem.

In that sense, it's the content -- earned or owned -- between the ads that is still very "royal." If we're going to continue with the analogy, I guess I'd tend to think of paid media as "courtiers" who are ever present, at the king's ear, and -- through the oxygen they pump into the media outlet via $$$ -- possibly running the court from behind the scenes! Very important role, but not that of the royal family!

p.s. are we starting a "Content is King ... or not?" meme here today - see my post today, "Is content still “king”? You bet it is …" (http://bit.ly/qDkjlM) Soul brothers ... LOL!!!

Gavin Heaton

Great post! Of course, one of the reasons we go down the "content is king" line is that communicating the complexity of an ecosystem approach is difficult. Clients and bosses want the simple answer - a clear direction. And with digital comms and integrated campaigns, these days, it certainly is complicated. Long live the ecosystem!

Brendan Cooper

Of course content is king!

If, as is the current meme doing the rounds, every company is now a media company, well it needs content to drive this. 'Content' is not unique to PR, or social media, or any communications medium. It's the fuel that drives all communications.

If you don't think so, then work at the coalface of social media for a year or two. The easy lifting is the strategy, setting out what must, should and could be done, showing how everything can tick along like a nice piece of clockwork.

The heavy stuff? Content. What are we actually going to day, on a regular, frequent basis, while maintaining focus and quality?

Of course, when you reach a tipping point - whenever that is - your community becomes self-sustaining. And/or you can look at curation. But, that's all content too. It's content. It's all content. Content is king. Problem is, there are never enough kings around when you need them

Nick Stamoulis

Of course the channels in which people receive content is just as important as the content itself. However, ultimately it is the content that persuades target audience members to make a decision. That's why it's king.


Could not agree more. Especially in the field of communications, each sector and each method attempts to carve out a niche to prove their ROI and why they (not others) are more important (marketing vs. PR; advertising vs. marketing, etc.). Your metaphor of the ecosystem of communication is especially apt because each sector of communication cannot live without the other sectors -- hence interdependency and thus the ecosystem. Rather than focusing on how each can usurp the other it is perhaps more valuable in the end to see how each can complement rather than detract from the others.


Facebook wont be able to take over vending. It has been around for way too long

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