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Chris Vannoy

Just wanted to throw out a service you didn't mention (and I hope you don't mind) for aggregating photos.

I made, run and support http://montabe.com, a service that can aggregate and display photos from multiple sources, including Twitter, email and MMS.

I built it for much the same reasons you talk about: being able to find the stories in the photos posted to Twitter, regardless of the actual location of the images. You can see some example galleries on the demo account (http://demo.montabe.com ... the tornado gallery is a favorite).

There's a real value, I think (or I wouldn't be doing this), is a live-updating tap into what people are seeing and posting from an event, conference or breaking news event. It can also be useful from a PR perspective, both in demonstrating why an event is the place to be at while the event is actually going on, or simply collecting all the detritus of photos your clients may already be producing.

Thanks for the roundup that taps into a lot of the things I'm already thinking about.


I am not sure if it is an age thing or not; but I struggle to keep up with it all.

I grew up with computers (in the 80's when sega and nintendo where sparing with the atari linx) but find that with all the new additions of networking sites, file sharing sites, computer consoles and mobiles.

I remember when I was 18, mobile phones started to make a real mark (I am 33 now) but now there are 100's of types you struggle to keep up.

From a marketing perspective, where do you go? Do you use twitter, youtube, Facebook, Linkedin, or any of the 100's of others or all of them?

Talking to different PR agencies it is confusing for most people what platform to use, or to use them all. In one sense, you could spend the best part of a day updating that your life slips away.

Am I alone in this mindset?


Visuals really do take storytelling to the next level, which makes photo sharing platforms like Instagram a very valuable tool from a PR perspective. Everything is about "real time" these days. Photo sharing caters to that real time trend. It gives brands a quick means to tell their story through images in the moment. The Instagram platform also allows brands to gain real time insights into how consumers are interacting with their products.

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