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Susanna K.

Meme would be an awesome middle name! Just think of all the first names that could go with it: Nyan Meme, Lolcat Meme, Aybabtu Meme, Rickroll Meme...

Andy S


Here's mine.

5) Hootsuite (use: "Hootsuitey, come to dinner")

4) Alltop (useful for promoting a social escort service, perhaps?)

3) Twellow (either a mild child's name, or a new form of greeting, like "Hi")

2) Bing (likely to croon Christmas songs)

1) Alexa (not the UCLA YouTube Library student)

ja ja Ja

WikiLeaks...that way no one is surprised when she/he wets the bed at a sleepover


It’s amazing how influential social media has become. While I admit to being drawn to more traditional names I just hope, for the kid’s sakes, these sites that the names reference stick around. Otherwise not only will the names be "unique" but also in a few years no one will even know that there is a reason behind the oddness.

Kevin Dugan

Andy: BING! Love it.
Susanna: Meme may already be inked on some birth certificates for all we know.
Wikileaks. A name they'd probably grow out of?

Renee: A previous employer got naming rights for a street at the office park they located in for some time. They named it E-Business Way. How often do you see that word used these days? It's the rough equivalent of calling a street Mullet Place.

All great stuff. Thanks everyone.

Ivan Walsh

DM ?

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