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A big THANK YOU about mentioning people's feelings of ownership and entitlement. It's stupid and pointless.

That's why I think over time that a non-gatekeeper web will prevail, even though it's just the opposite right now.

PS: You should DEFINITELY start PrivacyCentral.com or whatever, making sure you cannot see anyone's data, but that it updates all social media sites with the protection chosen.

Nick Stamoulis

People that are overly concerned about their privacy just shouldn't have a Facebook page. But, it is important as marketers to understand where the line is and not cross it. Let people get mad at Facebook, you don't want them getting mad at your company.

John C

I don't understand why people on Facebook struggle with privacy. You're putting your information out there for the world to see. When the world sees it these same people complain about privacy. What gives? If you don't want you information out there, don't join Facebook.

Kevin Dugan

John - I know, but the issue is that people are used to having their personal and private lives separate from each other. I'm not suggesting it's a big idea. We just need more education/awareness. There are some other things at play here too. Reality TV and the Jersey Shore factor. It's taught kids that their 15 min/mb of fame does not have to be complimentary. It makes me shake my head when I see folks like her on the cover of Rolling Stone. I think that officially makes me old. So be it. She's a joke. And she's rich and famous for it. Great example to be setting. /rant

Hillary Berry

I agree that there needs to be more education and awareness when it comes to what we put on the internet. Regardless of the site, discretion needs to be used when submitting personal information to the internet. But I do feel that Facebook should forewarn their users if they are going to release information to third party companies. Maybe even if they could come up with a sort of "no-call" list that would make user information unavailable without the user's permission.

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