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Mike Boehmer

Thanks for the report! Insights such as these give me ideas on ways to better target our social media marketing efforts.


Great post, and sorry I missed this panel, as it's one I would have liked to have heard and participated in.

Love this quote: "Instead of counting the people you reach, Reach the people who count." This is exactly right. And sums up why influencers matter so much. If we can reach the voices most impacting, or most influential, to our market, we have the potential to dramatically improve our marketing efforts over social networks, blogs and online publications. Great quote.

I agree with many of the points made here as they align tightly with how we at mBLAST (and many other smart people in marketing) are talking about the "art" and "science" of influencer identification and measurement. Refreshing to see your points here. Well done.

One note for you and your readers, the process described for identifying the influencers in the case study for Tigressa aligns with our mPACT solution set, and can automate the process if you have to go through it again. Check out http://www.mblast.com/mpact for additional information on our solution, or also our blog at http://blog.mblast.com/mbwordpress/ to learn more. We designed mPACT from the ground up to tackle the hard work of sorting through all the voices out there to find the ones most topically relevant to the keywords important to your market, and then use a set of algorithms and heuristics to discover and rank the most influential ones -- the ones actually impacting your market. We cover social networks, blogs and articles.

Nice blog and keep me posted if you guys decide to convene this panel again or one similar. I would be interested in participating as this is a topic we are passionate about.

Gary Lee
twitter: @gary_r_lee
Use mPACT to find, listen to, and measure the voices which impact and influence your market.

Kevin Dugan

Gary: Appreciate the add here. For all of the panels I attended, there were many I didn't find out about until after the fact. I can relate.

Thanks for the heads up on mPACT and mBLAST. Like you said above, it's a combo of art and science. Even as the science gets better, I think this will remain the case. Blogger outreach (in the case of Tigressa) is all about participation and it should follow more of a community relations model instead of a media relations model. That said, there is overlap between the two. But community relations requires us to roll up our sleeves and get engaged. And since social media is an engagement tool....

Thanks again.

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