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Thanks for the reminders.... but have you given Linked In permission to contact you for marketing purposes? I think this breaches CAN-Spam regulations.
Plus they kinda missed the boat and should have been giving us a lovely surprise GIFT not just a thank you message.
how about a month's free premium membership? What about a charming web page of special affiliate offers? I was disappointed and saddened rather than surprised and delighted.

Michał Lewandowski

perhaps gift could have strengthen the message...

companies have to communicate theirs aims and achievements - in the long run this can raise customers loyalty and identification with a brand. The message is most important here, not gifts.

Hillary Berry

Keeping a good customer-brand relations is a huge part of what keeps a company going, but creating new consumer relationships is also very important. Brands target consumers between the ages 18-34 to try and create a new, lasting relationships.


I think rewarding customers for brand loyalty is always great. I think if more companies did it, customers would be happier. Recently one of my favorite companies (Chick-fil-a) has taken on rewarding more. They don't have a points program like Panera or anything. Instead they give loyal customers a chance to RVSP trying new products early. I think they're program is effective because it encourages brand loyalty and creates excitement.

anada goose

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