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Mike Boehmer

Thanks Kevin. Gave me food for thought as I develop a Social Media Strategy for Catholic Health Partners. Also, I shared this with "social media champions" across our healthcare system. Shameless PR plug: The largest healthcare system in Ohio and one of the largest non-profit systems in the country. (Note: Posts like this are my own and do not represent my employer's positions, strategies or opinions.) Keep up the good work. I'm encouraging my colleagues to read your helpful posts!

Jp Munoz

This is fantastic post kevin. I actually use social media such as facebook and twitter as a powerful tool to create engagements and commitments to our clients and visitors. Our brand is all about penny auction, it's all about money, it's hard for us to establish thrust to our costumers because it involves money. We are trying our best to updates and inform our clients through facebook post and tweeter.

Hillary Berry

There are so many things that go into what a brand is and who the brand wants to market to. The consumers are placed into segments by demographics, psychographics, and geographic. You can say that it gets too complicated, but with the money that brands put into their marketing, they should really have a good idea of who they are marketing to and what their consumers want. It''s all part of spending time and money in the right places, and to figure out where to put their time and money, they need to get down to the nitty gritty. It's complicated, but it's worth it.

anada goose

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