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Geoff Livingston

I was thinking the other day Twitter and Facebook are like highways, you have to get off them to do anything substantive. Good post, Kevin.

Kevin Dugan

Geoff: Thanks! I like the comparison actually to highways vs. back roads.

Brad Fallon

The pace at which social media tools are being developed exceeds the capacity of most educational communities to assimilate and accept use of such tools as effective practice… The key pitfall is potentially leading too far outside a zone of proximal development and creating high degrees of frustration as a result.

Jp Munoz

I like this statement Geoff "Did I just call Twitter a Ferrari and Yelp a Honda Accord?".

A comparison of social media sites to cars. Good post! ! !

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The company that I work for don’t only use social media for their marketing they utilize it as a recruitment tool. Not content with the interview, team exercises and presentations they have took to viewing the social media profiles of prospective candidates. They say that the stats for both labour turnover and absence have improved dramatically.


This happens all of the time, hard to get it just right that will just time presses to be competitive in today's business environment you need to be your own social media expert period.

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