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Mike Boehmer

I feel like I've committed a lot of these sins. But I've tried to learn from my misdirections and not repeat them. Social media marketing is so new and ripe for experimentation. I like the idea of having guidlines and not rules. I think you can get locked in fear and not try anything innovative if you're too concerned about violiting some sort of rule. Love the way you convey info. Amen, brother!

Jp Munoz

I love your idea on how to relate 7 sins to social media sites. That's a fantastic interpretation. My fave part is the Lust and Greed. Good post! !

scott berman

Another deadly sin can be using the word "users" instead of "fans," "people," or "customers." The word user puts a focus on the technology and detracts from their humanity. Understanding humanity is integral in social media.

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