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This is a much needed post, Kevin. The amount of press releases that I receive that have nothing whatsoever to do with any of the blogs I administer is insane. Almost always it seems that my email address has just been harvested with NO regard to the sorts of content I produce.

e.g.- I run a social media blog and two hyperlocal community blogs (Cincy and NOLA. In the past week I have received releases for geriatric services, social media services that appear to duplicate my own work, and a wide range of announcements about events in AZ and California. Events that have nothing to do with my blogs or my interests.

All this does is make point and laugh before relegating that email addy to the SPAM folder. If you cannot take even five minutes to research who you are pitching then you are NOT a marketer. You are a spammer.

Thanks for reposting / updating this. Most marketers need to be beaten soundly about the head and shoulders with it.

Kevin Dugan

Thanks Loki. You know as well as I do that folks are typing their term/keyword into an online database and sending to whatever comes up from that initial search. That didn't work with conventional media either.

And now I'm seeing an alarming number of folks using email marketing software to pitch. It's efficient, yes. It also tells me you might as well be a robot. How could they be customizing the pitch for me using that platform?

You're probably in the media dbases multiple times like I am. And you've gotten the same pitch twice? I'll bet King Cake on it.


Great post. It's important to realize at the end of every blog is a real person(s). Mutual interest in each others work is the building block of a good working relationship.

Davina K. Brewer

Kevin, Great outline of the time and effort it takes into developing targeted blogger relationships, much like with the media. Research, respect, regular engagement. Does not happen over night, so unless you have the coup de gras of scoops to share, better pass the test first. I want to make this a must-read for clients as well, so they get how much work it is. FWIW.

Kevin Dugan

Debbie and Davina: Thanks for the feedback.

Emily Moorhouse

I recently began my internship at the company Sprouter, an online community for entrepreneurs. I have been doing a bit of pitching, and am soon going to be embarking on a fair amount of pitching to different bloggers and journalists. I found this article to provide a lot of good tips. Some things above I have already been doing however I could be doing a few more of the tips mentioned above. Too often when pitching people only think of whats in it for me, in order to appeal to bloggers and journalists you need to show whats in it for them and definitely show interest in their blog/stories that are unrelated to your product, service, field or pitch.

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Too often when throwing individuals only think of what is in it for me, to be able to entice weblog writers and reporters you need to demonstrate what is in it for them and definitely display attention in their blog/stories that are irrelevant to your item, support, area or message.

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