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Scott Abel

Kevin: I'd like to reprint this article on my blog. I'd be happy to provide you with a byline, link to your site, photo, and promotional paragraph of text about you and your services. Let me know.

Scott Abel
The Content Wrangler
[email protected]


I can't help but think this is a case of not being able to please all of the people all the time. While we undertsand the need to use specific and intuitive hashtags during real-time events, we also see ease-of-use benefits in differentiating PRSA's conferences, sections and programming with specialized hashtags. The #PRSA hashtag is widely used for all kinds of general news and information, and specialized hashtags help us reach and engage targeted audiences and develop metrics relevant to those events and programs.

We wish you could have been here, Kevin, but we're happy Ashley's here and appreciate the fact you're actively following along in real-time.

Keith Trivitt is Associate Director, PR, for PRSA.


Hey Kevin,

I just have a belief that is, "Just Say No to Underscores".

In my opinion, I don't think underscores are wise to use in hashtags or in twitter handles unless they are absolutely necessary. I advise that to a lot of the people that I work with regularly.

Michael Pranikoff
Global Director, Emerging Media for PR Newswire

Dave Armon

Well said, Kevin. I'll stick with #PRSA because anyone searching it will also find the other, longer hash tags. Of course, it doesn't work the other way. That means, the dummies who don't read your blog won't see my tweets. I'm cool with that.

Kevin Dugan

Dave & Michael: Hope you're having a great conference. I have to admit that I've spent a lot of time thinking about hash tags. It took me awhile to figure this out. And by figure out, I mean for the next five minutes. :-) On underscore, some folks find it's their only option to get their twitter name. But hashtags are another story.

Keith: I suspect you are having a great conference. I appreciate your comment and feedback. You bring up a good point. I always go back to the temporary nature of Twitter search. But you've got a lot more going on with your event so I can see your point.

Looking forward to seeing Ashley's posts. I know she's excited and will do a great job.

Scott: If you want to repost an excerpt and link back to the full post, that's fine. If you use the pic, just be sure to attribute that as I have as well.

Kami Huyse

I was surprised that the official hashtag was #prsa_ic, thought it was crazy. Agree that people should set up their search for #prsa, that will catch it all, or use sub-hashtags to keep in touch with the people they want too and cut the noise a bit. My sub will be #prsa10 ;-) Will miss you Kevin!

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