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Mike Boehmer

Interesting post. I get great joy in sharing knowledge about social media marketing with my 11-year-old, who in turn offers great insights to me! We need to nurture those tech-savvy youngsters, so they can teach us.

PS: I've always thought of you as the Digital Chief, a top leader of our Cincinnati social media tribe. And the natives are restless, always wanting to learn and try more.:-)

Mihaela (Dr. V)


I see my students (even the very digitally savvy ones) making huge mistakes online. It's not just button pressing, it's communicating effectively (and safely; and strategically) - takes a while to learn.

Brad King

@Mihaela: I refer to my students as "button pushers." They are certainly good with interfaces (as are all of us who grew up with technology), but if something goes wrong, they freak out. Or if the button does something different than what they want, they freak out. Most worrying: they don't know how to critically assemble multiple technologies to do things beyond what any single technology can do. (e.g. use twitter search to pull rss feeds into a reader to archive/search and re-assemble information)

At least until we teach them :)

Michael Rubin

Outstanding post, Kevin. This quote is killer: "We have a responsibility to teach younger generations how it all works. If we try and block access to keep it out of the schools we are not protecting students over the long term. We're ensuring their skills won't be as relevant."

Frankly, you could make the same argument for companies that block Social Media access to their employees.

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