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A valid question.

I could see myself with a lengthy quote from a famous philosopher, but that could get expensive as the tombstone grows with the text.

I definitely like the idea of an abbreviation. Something like tl dl (Could be interpreted as a few things "too long, didn't live/listen") or n00b/l33t.


An English professor at my school passed away while I was there and had the following epitaph put on his tombstone: "If you can read this you're standing on me."

Steve Silberberg

I think there is a big advertising opportunity on gravestones to help defray burial costs.

It's completely insensitive but once it's breached, may prove popular.


"I told you I was sick" is one I have seen a few times

Daniel Johnson, Jr.

@Noah and @Amanda - yours made me smile.

I remember someone saying that there was a lot of life in that " - ". I don't know how that might translate to an epitaph, but it's an awesome thing to think about.


DWL anyone? But to be honest, I doubt many people will get away with it- it’s your friends and family who decide your epitaph so unless you’re Spike Milligan (originator of the “I told you I was ill” gravestone), I’m not sure they’ll see the funny side.

Definitely something fascinating though about how people are remembered. I went to Highgate Cemetery in London a few weeks ago. Alongside Karl Marx, there were some quirky gravestones (I
posted some online: http://theantisofa.wordpress.com/2010/09/21/hanging-out-in-highgate/)

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