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Steve Silberberg

This reminds me of the Cue Cat

Kevin Dugan

Steve: The folks at stickybits felt a disturbance in the force when you compared them to cuecats. Actually, it's a great point. In this case, I do see a couple of welcome differences between the ill-fated cuecats and stickybits.

1) cuecats was ALL broadcast in a proprietary system. You paid to be involved and it was pushed out like a TV ad to consumers. Consumers using stickybits can add their own content.

2) Did I note that cuecats was a proprietary system?! Stickybits opened up their API for any and all to tap into.

3) Proprietary equipment was required to use cuecats vs. existing technology like smartphones.

You may read this and wonder if I am being compensated by stickybits to be so gung ho on their service. Actually, I think I'm more anti-cue cats to be honest. The only connection I have with stickybits was sitting in on Seth Goldstein's presentation. I already had the app on my phone and it all just clicked for me.


John Carraway

I remember cuecats. Didn't really like that system at all. As a consumer, I'm just not sure why I would ever want to scan a product bar code into my phone. Why would I want to watch a video for a product while I'm at the grocery store? What's in it for me, the consumer?

Kevin Dugan

John - I think it's early as it relates to why you'd want to scan it. There are a ton of consumer facing opportunities that make me curious to see if stickybits gets a respectable base of users. I think the brand to consumer portion of it will be just one facet of its use. As it relates to not sure why anyone would want to do it, I would have thought the same about Twitter and Foursquare updates. We've moved from enjoying the documentation of the experience as much or more than the experience itself.

SEO Agency

I think if you get a large network of people using it, it can be a great way to generate instant reviews for products instead of going to Google. Imagine if they could get those product reviews and user content linked to Facebook and Twitter accounts, so that you're review for a product was uploaded on to Stickybits and simultaneously on to your social media to spread the words to your extended network. I see the potential value in it, but it needs a large network of users to real flourish.

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