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Mike Boehmer

Clever way to make some key points. If you don't heed these, it could be Heartbreak Hotel for your PR efforts.


Thanks for the wonderful insight on the parallel between Elvis and social media. The Echelon Value Consulting home office is located in Tupelo MS, about 2 miles from Elvis’s home that he lived in until his family moved to Memphis. The owner of Echelon has taken his own sons to Graceland and they are very familiar with the mansion. Just as we stand at the edge of a new economy and a global approach to doing business for our clients, Elvis was also an event that happened on the edge of new social mores and attitudes.
As this piece is being put together, Elvis is playing as the background music in our office, with no complaints from the staff. Just as social media started slowly, trying to find its niche and then exploding to the point that we use it as a tool in our business every day, so did Elvis. From a 9 year old singing “Ole Shep” at the county Cow and Poultry Fair, to the greatest musical performer in modern history.
Again, thanks for the great piece on Elvis. When you have the opportunity, come back to Memphis, Mr. Huggins (0wner) will gladly roll out the blue suede carpet for you and show you some of the highlights of Memphis. Also, don’t forget about our blue suede Friday’s @xm channel 18, with Argo on the blue suede air chair.

Kevin Dugan

Thanks Mike! And thanks to Echelon as well. I'd love to make it back down there. Will look you up if I do.

Promotional Products

Wow... who knew the king was so wise when it came to Social Media... I love it, especially "A little less talk and a lot more action." I rarely see action through Social Media. Fantastic post!

Phil-Am OSI

Yeah, it's wonderful. Great post, thanks for sharing this!

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