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Dan Schawbel

Kevin, thanks for letting me know about this post. I think people should focus on providing more value, than self-promotion online. Sometimes I have difficulty with this because I have so much to promote, which actually forces me to work harder on the value piece. You become noise if all you do is promote.

Elle Ferrer

Thanks Kevin, enjoying your site - much needed advice for many out there.

Susan Wenner Jackson

Your blog is quickly becoming one of my "must-reads". Always discovering good tips here! Thanks.

Chris Thilk

Well first off I'd argue with your thesis that ABC means anything other than Always Be Closing. You've gone down a notch or two in my estimation, unfortunately, by even suggesting such heresy.

With that behind us, let me say I agree with your advice here, even if I've only started taking it myself in the last year or so. I'm not a big fan (at all) of the "personal brand" talk but even I'll admit that having a single (max 2) avatar across networks makes the whole thing better not only for the audience but also for the person who's profiles they are. Just as we would advise clients to use a consistent logo or artwork on all the sites and profiles they were setting up for a campaign so to we all should be doing so for our personal profiles, especially to the extent that we use them as extensions of our professional lives.

Good reminder, Kev.

Kevin Dugan

Thanks for everyone's comments.

Dan - I totally agree that self-promotion should not be the primary goal for you to gain traction on Twitter. My only argument is that it's a tool for doing so. If you do any one of the three content/conversation/commercial, you may risk becoming noise IMHO.

Elle and Susan - Appreciate the feedback!

Thilk - Good to hear from you. I was not prioritizing the meanings...just suggesting there can be more than one. Does this mean I don't get the set of steak knives?


Cant agree more on "shamelessly promoting yourself" part. I think the point of using social media is to share usefule/helpful/meaningful information in a more efficient way. People are getting less and less patient in this world with overloaded information, either a conversation or a link should have some genuine purpose to be engaging.

Paige Levy

When it comes to breaking through the clutter and avoiding becoming the clutter, you gave some great advice. Many people become part of the clutter due to poor social media upkeep. I think that social medias are a great way to promote yourself but, when used wrong can damage your image. I agree with everything you said about spring cleaning of the media sites, and hope that everyone takes the advice to clean their sites up.

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Kevin, thanks for this post

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