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Ah, good to know Sia, Sigur Ros, Katy Perry, Imogen Heap, Owl City, Marilyn Manson, etc. etc. are considered indie now.

Yes, you get reputation points. Are they good for anything? Nope. Leveling up, good for anything? Nope, not really. The way a level 1 listens to music and a level 21 is exactly the same. Speaking of listening to music, that's why I joined thesixtyone before the redesign. I wanted to listen to music, not have gigantic pictures shoved in my face.

It's funny that you bring up artists connecting to listeners because that is exactly what we lost with the redesign. Apparently, what we called simple communication was considered spam to Sam and James. Speaking of those two... well, just look at their Facebook page.

I'm glad you mentioned the ADD audience because that's exactly who T61 seeks to pander to now. Unfortunately, true to their nature, those types will be gone in a month. That's what Sam and James never figured out. The people who were there for months or years weren't there solely for the music (Garageband) or the game (Stereofame). A community was built. REAL connections were forged between artists and listeners. Apparently, that's no longer the "vision" of T61.

Uvumi.com is now THE place to be for people who want to listen to music AND connect with their favorite artists. It's fairly new, but the owners actually listen to their users and are extremely helpful and dedicated to making it a great experience for all.

Kevin Dugan

Ex - Thx for stopping by. Three things I've quickly learned since doing this post...

1) I'm new to the site and obviously joined AFTER the redesign. So consider that in my review.
2) I'm impressed by the passion of thesixtyone's community
3) The old design sounds impressive.


You know what saddens me the most? The fact that everyone reviewing the new site, and all the newcomers looking at it for the first time think it's so impressive...and if you hadn't seen the old site, it IS impressive.

Imagine how impressive a site like that with double the features, double the *options* for interactivity (not that you needed to use them), and close to zero bugs would be. THAT is what the old t61 experience was. If the old site had gotten the kind of attention the redesign is now getting, who knows how great it could have become?

I need to make one illustrative example from my personal experience. Bankai, an indie artist from Australia, is now flying to Vancouver, and will be playing shows across Canada (and the US now too) in the coming weeks. Almost entirely funded by individuals from the t61 community who love his music, connected with him, and sponsored him.

That's just one example. Over the few months I've spent on the site, as an artist and a listener, I've shared music-making tips with other artists, discovered hours upon hours of great music via other listeners, gotten constructive feedback on my own work from "fans", and even influenced other artists by making sure they knew what I liked about the particular songs I chose to buy from them.

I can't see how any of that can happen with the redesigned version of the site, and I feel it's a significant loss.

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