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Stuart Bruce

In the UK and Europe text messaging has been big for a lot longer than it has in the USA, but there is still no way I would hand over my mobile number - I only have one. On the other hand I have multiple email addresses for different purposes, one of which is signing up to receive rubbish. I'm happy to do it and do actually check that account for bargains, vouchers, offers etc.

Bryan Person

I'm just outside Gen Y, too, as I'm also more comfortable giving out my e-mail address than my phone number. Dead-on post, Kevin!

Kevin Dugan

Stuart and Bryan - Good to know I'm not the only one immersed in this, but still feeling "old school." Cheers!


Hi Kevin

Not at all doubting what you're saying, but it's not gelling with my real-world experience. I've talked to a people young and old about mobile phone marketing (solicited and unsolicited) and not even "natives" really like advertising on their phones. The common response is that it buzzes in your pocket and forces you to check it, then there's disappointment when it's not a personal message from a friend.

We're all very good now at flying through our email inboxes, sorting the good from the bad, the things we want to read from the stuff that can go straight to the trash. You don't get that luxury with the phone.

I'd say rather than "52% of Millennials strongly appreciate communication via cell phone or text message" it would be about 5% of the ones I've talked to, if the "communication" in the statistic is marketing. The figure seems way off. I wonder what the question they asked in their survey was.

=) Marc

goldflop rakeback

I would be much less inclined to give out my cell phone number and traceable data. An email gives away very little personal information and is far less intrusive. You can immediately delete an email or ignore it, but a phone call or text you are going to see for sure.

Promotional Products

I would definitely be more willing to give out my email than my cell number in a heartbeat.

leigh kruger

do you want to know who owns that unknown number calling you or texting you??

well, heres a solution..check this site and find whom are they...


crash zone

From my experience, SMS is way more intrusive - you are forced to look at it right away, while dealing with spam is something that you do only when checking the email, which is nearly not as often as using the phone.

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