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Brian Hayashi

I think the opportunity today is to provide new ways to visualize information. Consider the gamecasts for sports sites: they essentially take text-based information (say, "CIN QB Carson Palmer hands off to CIN RB Cedric Benson for 17 yards from the CIN 40 yard line") and send that to its gamecasting application, which helps you visualize what's happening. Obviously there's a lot of precedent (and a lot of money) but I think apps like that foreshadow the future of media, even Twitter.

There is a tremendous delay in the original invention of these apps and their "commercialization". If you look at the page for NewsMap's inventor, much of this stuff was done 5 years ago.

It's too bad there's little to no market for RSS, as shown by Dick Costolo's experience: after founding Feedburner, he went on to create a VC fund for RSS-related companies. When that didn't pan out, he recently became Twitter's COO. (And, if you read the leaked notes, Twitter isn't exactly a big fan of RSS. But that's another story.)

Kevin Dugan

Brian - Great points here. I do think sports and weather offer up some interesting ways to help move visualization technology forward into the mainstream. For weather I look at sites like one of my local tv station's weather page: http://www.wlwt.com/weather/grid.html which even allows you to customize the dashboard.

On RSS, I'm surprised by this also...up to a point. I think more people are using RSS as the plumbing to customize news feeds on MyYahoo and iGoogle than even the users realize. And to me, using it as plumbing like Yahoo! Pipes, is where it excels best.

Thanks again.

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