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Stuart Foster

Just ensure you appeal to your customers/target audience. If you do this and directly engage them in an effective manner you will have actually fulfilled a unique value prop.

Stuart Pearcey

I've long believed there's a real danger that much literature is produced by some organisations not to satisfy an external audience, but to satisfy senior people within them, who THINK the external audience is interested to the same degree they are.

To pick up on your example, my first thought would have been "What are the first five?; let's go there!", because, let's face it, saying that anything is amongst the top six of its kind makes it the sixth...

Promotional Products

Very interesting article, I like what you're saying here. You must be able generate that 'care' gene in people, if you will. What makes you different and why should people care. This can be a difficult task sometimes and it take a creative person to come up with this distinguishing factor(s).

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