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Interacting? A cost? I don't think so. As most companies are finding and what the Superbowl ads proved: everything is becoming user based. Not putting in the face time will cost companies tons of money. Love the post!

Phill Barufkin

With today's marketing tools, particularly related to web, it is easier than ever to talk to and with consumers. And this is a great example of what a business was able to do because the company was and is actively involved with their audience. Great post! Phill Barufkin

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It is definitely an opportunity.

Promotional Products

Customer interaction must be looked at as an opportunity. Even if you spend money to keep or satisfy a customer, the word of mouth advertising they can provide can be far-reaching and very beneficial.

Abe Johnson

Customer interaction is definitely an opportunity. But with a cost, mind you. It's a necessity. That's the reason why business companies don't mind spending substantial amount on call center services, to preserve good communication and relationship with their consumers. Without customer relationship management, there's no business success.

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