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Jen Wilbur

Great comic, great post. It's tough not to turn to the Everything Syndrome when faced vehemently with the One Thing Syndrome. A great reminder for anyone who finds value in something and is trying to communicate that value without going overboard.

Linda Forrest

We, like other PR firms, I'm sure, try our best to inoculate against both of the syndromes you've outlined above. Working in the technology realm as we do, all too often it seems as though there's an epidemic of the everything syndrome. As PR consultants, we encounter this syndrome in the form of reaction to emerging communication channels. When the internet was shiny and new, prospects began to ask if we wrote content for websites or if we did outreach to relevant online media. The emergence of blogs inspired the same questions... At its simplest, influential communication channels are our targets, effective materials, whether online or electronic or hard copy, are our tools. The sooner we can eliminate the syndromes the better off we'll be.

Oh, and I only wish that Twitter could clean my oven. :)

Gail Nelson

Kevin, great post. Some of my colleagues at BurrellesLuce are fervent Twitterers, while others have no affection for the form. (I personally believe that while microblogging will be with us for a while, it's not the cure for cancer.) As Linda Forrest says, the important thing is to focus on the habits of your audience.

Neil Crump

Great post that made me smile as I definitely can relate to this as someone who can swing from One Thing to Everything Syndrome when it comes to technology. I think the reason that you start with One Thing is a protection mechanism from feeling "oh hell yet another technology, set of rules, and another blinking password to remember". The shift to Everything is the sudden joy of nailing the technology, working out how the bugger works and enjoying the application. I'd agree that tattooing is step too far - laser removal costs the earth and is painful.


Kevin Dugan

Thanks for the feedback everyone. And Gail "focus on the habits of your audience." That wisdom will never fail you.

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I have a few friends like this. Not so much with twitter, but with iphones.


Great post! I love the quote about Twitter cleaning the oven. I have definitely fallen victim to the Twitter obsession. While sure, I don't care what Joe is having for lunch, it is nice to be able to get all my news updates in one place.

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