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Bryan Person


So pleased that my I-want-eat-breakfast-with-some-social-media-pals experiment one Wednesday in late August 2007 has spawned the Social Media Breakfast series that has spread around the country (and to Canada and Singapore, too!).

And I'm especially pleased -- at least for the purpose of this particular comment -- that Cincinnati is so hungry for this social media gathering.

I know Tim's talk this week will be a good one -- and at a baseball hall of fame, to boot! And though I can't be at this one, I do plan to make an SMB in Cincinnati next spring.

I'll be following online reports from the breakfast.

Bryan Person | @BryanPerson
Social Media Breakfast founder

John Atkinson


It's great to see this level of excitement around social media and startups in Cincinnati. I'm humbled to be listed among the company above.

Keep up the good work!



This sounds like a great idea. Too often nowadays we are isolated from our work peers, and no amount of twitter (aka pretentious ego driven spouting) , facebook,emailing can make up for face to face contact. Is there anything similar going on in the UK?

On a completely different topic.. (seeing as its christmas) did you catch Borkowski PR's company 'video christmas card'? Genius... http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=rJwgw3Z4sBo

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