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Wow.. thanks for mentioning TweetTrak! =)

As its grown more popular, its been bumped off Twitter's whitelists, and seeing people promoting it motivates me to fix some of the nastier issues.

That's what holiday's are for!



We seem to be finding lost of new ways -- all the HOW to use the twitmonster. Many are still working on the why.

Kevin Dugan

Dan - The "what to say" and "why say it in the first place" are the most important parts of it all. But in my opinion, you have to use it to understand it and then apply a strategy to it effectively.

And Ryan, thanks for TweetTrak...it's pretty handy!


So ... I have a hammer ...

You get the rest.

Kevin Dugan

Are you calling yourself a tool?

To be clear, strategy always before tactics. But you still need to understand which tactics work best to support the strategy.

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Great..I will try these..

Thanks :-)

Michael Pranikoff

Hey Kevin,

Great links and tips. 2 other quick tips - and I don't mean to sound promotional...
Follow @prnewswire - This feed is from our media research team, and we are posting updates on media as we find out about them and posting them here - as well as answering the occasional question.

Follow @profnet - You and your readers are very aware of the ProfNet service...for urgent queries from reporters or queries that a reporter has asked to be tweeted. This was started about 3-4 months ago.

While it is somewhat promotional I admit, these are free services and open to anyone - so no cost...who doesn't like getting a free tip.

Michael Pranikoff
Director, Emerging Media
PR Newswire

Beth Hardy

Thanks, Kevin, for these tools. Our agency is always looking for updates like these to provide to clients who use Twitter. They will be a great addition to our growing list.


Thanks for the twitter info. You have a new follower!


Thanks for this great blog post! I've been looking for a couple of different Twitter tools to play around with when bored, and now I have a couple of different ones to try out.


Great info! Your blog rocks!


All great tips. I'm astounded as to the number of my PR colleagues who still do not understand what twitter is. Look forward to following you on twitter and commenting on your site. I also blog about PR. Check out my site or follow me @cronzoni.

Amy Ziari

Had never heard of Friend or Follow, but it provides such a nice visualization. I was surprised that some of people I actually *know* aren't following me. Thanks for the heads up.

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"Mr. Tweet", I've found very useful. This one analyzes your current network of Twitter followers and followees and identifies other people that are influential in your circle.

Twitter Tips

Very helpful info!

Scott Kingery

If you want to track topics, I suggest TwitterSpy. Howto here: http://www.techlifeweb.com/2008/07/07/how-to-set-up-twitterspy-in-google-talk/

And if you want to build a complete information monitor, use Friend Feed here: http://www.techlifeweb.com/2009/02/19/how-to-build-an-information-monitor/


Thanks for the list which covers most applications I appreciate. I strongly suggest you also check out http://MicroPlaza.com and its Tribal Search which has just been released under private beta and which provides a mix of Digg, Delicious and RSS that allows you to browse, search and monitor relevant news tweeted by the people or groups of people you follow... and lot's more.

An example is this search for most popular articles from the BBC website: http://microplaza.com/search?q=url%3Anews.bbc.co.uk



Wow! Nice post. I've been using the Twitter Karma tool as of late, but I thing I'll switch to Friend or Follow as giving my password makes me a bit uncomfortable (for some reason). I'm a bit amazed that absolutely NONE of the tools I use were mentioned, but at the same time I'm always glad to learn something new. Thanks!

Founder, NicheRichMarketing.com

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