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"Hey, Mom! That guy from International Male is back to play with us!"

Doug Haslam

Wow, now you;re taking me back-- two of the best technologies ever, in one? A can't miss!

On 8-tracks: I still expect "Heartbreaker" from Led Zeppelin II to fade out in the middle and fade back in again after switching tracks, as it did on the 8-track version.

Kevin Dugan

Lally - He does exude the 70s porn vibe now that you mention it.

Doug - It's amazing we put up with that element of 8-tracks. Albeit I only put up with it for about 5 minutes in reality. I also remember inheriting my brother's stereo that had an 8 track slot. We bought an 8-track cassette tape player. Wish I still had it for the pure camp factor.

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