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Mike Keliher

FriendFeed is an interesting monster. These discussions about "FriendFeed will kill Twitter" and "FF replaces GReader" are sort of silly, as it's really a matter of personal preference and workflow habits. But let me address your cons from above:

FriendFeed vs. RSS reader: You mentioned that you wish you could arrange or manage the content more like that which flies through your RSS reader. Well, let's say you're interested in my FF content. You can grab an RSS feed of my stuff (http://friendfeed.com/mjkeliher?format=atom) and dump it in your reader -- either a separate account for reading FF-to-RSS feeds or a separate GReader folder or whatever blows your dress up. Con solved.

FriendFeed vs. Twitter: You mention that FF needs "profile context" and direct messaging capability, among other things. I'm not quite sure what you mean by "profile context," but perhaps you're suggesting that when you visit http://friendfeed.com/mjkliher you'd like to see a Twitter-ish bio of me. I'd argue that my FF stream of content provides some pretty good context, but I see your point (if, indeed, my presumption is right).

As for direct messaging, one could argue that this simply isn't -- and shouldn't be -- in FriendFeed's purview. If you want to message me, and if you're following me on FriendFeed, one of those 30 other platforms should provide a way for you to message me. Perhaps that's a weak argument. Just a thought.


Waay too early to start evaluating friendfeed. It hasn't reach critical mass, yet.

A couple of weeks ago I made a wisecrack about Twitter being a useful toy, like my night vision goggles (eat your heart out). This week that's even more true.

New tech in social media is like chicken feed: Throw a few kernels in the yard and all the (ahem) early adopters will go scurring after it.

They'll do that when you throw sand in the yard, too.

What all this is building up to is that the long-awaited convergence may not happen at all. Maybe it will be a great divergence. The variety and options available may actully allow people to pick and choose the tech, apps, sites, wha'ev ... that works best for them.

There's a certain promise in that.

But we still will hear, "You just have to get on BrainFeedSter.com RIGHT NOW or you'll be left behind!"

Whew, too much thinking for Friday night.

Kevin Dugan

Mike - You're right about the context and I think you're points are proving out that at least right now no one platform can do it. And one doesn't necessarily need to.

Lally - I know it's early. The initial glee over FF is what made me try and get a handle on it. Normally the glee just pisses me off...see my Twiter Hater post for an example. I tried to skew a bit more pragmatic this time. It might have something to do with the city I live in? But it's early enough that I could be confused for a lemming. So when do I get to borrow the night vision goggles?

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