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Mike Keliher

Sticky vs. slippery: That's *brilliant*.

So's the Jeep Experience site. Outstanding.

Thanks for the sharing this.

Erin Smith

Although there are obvious advantages to using social networking sites as another medium of communication to a company's publics, can it be damaging? Sometimes I wonder if the presence of companies on websites like those mentioned in your post can be seen as taking advantage of these networks. If Tommy Hilfiger Clothing tried to be my friend on Facebook, I think I would react negatively to their brand. However, if it was a brand that I already identified with, I would probably be excited to show I supported it.

Mariana Sarceda

Moving to sticky to slippery brands seems the right thing to do with many brands in almost every industry. However, I would be afraid of having every single industry trying to be my friend in Facebook or Flickr (law firms, for example). These kind of ideas are cool but would really have to be thought over by pr pros before being put into practise.

Kevin Dugan

Thanks to everyone for your feedback.

Erin and Mariana - While I do not state this in the post, social networking is not for every brand. Some do not want to give up control of the message and some may have good reasons to not do so. But in the case of Tommy Hilfiger on Facebook, I think they should set up a space for their more passionate customers to come and seek Tommy out. Facilitating and friending are too different things! A law firm might feel odd on Facebook, but they could easily create a page for their employees. And I think a LinkedIn Group would be smart. Again, it all depends on the audience. If they aren't using these tools, should you be spending time there? That's the first question to ask. My question/post headline might be second or third.

Great questions. Thanks!

Mark Forstneger

Would it be better for Tommy to be creating a fan page so I could "become a fan of Tommy Hilfiger" (if this was 1997) instead of Tommy being an "individual" with "friends?"

Kevin Dugan

Mark - Bingo. That's exactly what I'm talking about as far as facilitating.

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