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Jason Falls

The notion of shifting from broadcasting as agents of clients to real participation as clients is a brilliant translation. Which is why we read you.

Thanks for the mention. Glad I could spark a good thought!


Pretty much everything I put out there is personal in one sense or another. It's all my experience, my perception, my opinion.

Maybe it's a backlash against all the impersonal writing I had to do as a journalist.

Wendy Bigham

As for personal blogs, say whatever you want as long as you're not embarassed.So many blogs are out there, probably only you and your friends and family will read it.

But for the personal/professional blogs, one should keep the personal information related to the topic, similar to what we learned in English class. There are things nobody wants to know. And with all of the personal/private blogs out there, I think you'd want your to be as relevant to your audience as possible.

Kevin Dugan

Jason - Thank you.

Ike - Your content is always enjoyable and I have no doubt it's because it's personal.

Wendy - I think it's up to the individual. My blog is professional, but I let my own personality show and I think it is still relevant. Or at least I hope it is.

Thanks everyone!

Mariana Sarceda

In my opìnion, personal blogs _ as long as they talk about trivial things_ are most likely read by your friends and family. However, professional social network sites such as Facebook or Linked in can be your presentation to the world not only for your friends and relatives but also for potential employers or coworkers. In such cases, a "netiquette" should be followed, at least not to be embarrassed or let everybody know about everything concerning your life.


Big props to Rick Rubin and james, for their heartfelt and selfless comments.

Kevin Dugan

heh - Mssrs Rubin and James did not follow policy and were deleted. :-)

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