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Caitlin Regan

Great comic. We must keep in mind all the opportunities that social media is creating.


Who in the HELL told you about my Times deal?

Mariana Sarceda

Nice way to make us all think about the varied opportunities this Web 2.0 is creating!

Stephanie Cox

What a great comic. It's so true there's soo many more opportunities because of social media

Erin Smith

Social media can be an opportunity giver, but how much of social media is credible and reliable? Perez Hilton's media site gave him celebrity status in the entertainment industry, but how do I stand apart from the thousands of bloggers? I know blogging experience can be useful on a resume, but what makes an individual's blog powerful enough to create opportunity?

Kevin Dugan

Erin - To me the key to blogging has been having a topic I am passionate about. The rest of the benefits, including talking to you about the benefits, are all gravy. If people start blogging for better SEO, money, A-list party invites or a distinguishing bullet point on their resume, their blog will not be long for this world. The beauty of blogging is that microniche content will bring an audience to you. Just type the topic you want to write about + blog in Google and see what pops up. That excercise proves my point and answers your question.

Hope this helps!

To a few other folks commenting above, I was pointing out hypocrisy with my comic. Social media can bring opportunities. But I was trying to note that some bloggers spend a lot of time slamming mainstream media, yet they jump at the chance to write a column for mainstream media or sign a book deal and become part of the very mainstream media they bashed to get attention in the first place.

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KEvin, it's funny how that works isn't it? Money changes everything. People can be so quick to abandon their beliefs and convictions when somebody puts a fat paycheck in their hands. It seems like people know the opportunity that social media and blogging has brought to them, and do exactly what the cartoon described, create something that creates a buzz, then when the attention arrives follow the money trail in whatever direction it leads them, even if it's backwards.


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