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I'm not completely addicted to TweetVolume....eh gads that is cool.



Kevin, I was at a conference back in October where Dan Pink was the keynote speaker. The particular audience he was speaking to (mostly HR trainers and instructional designers) were sort of confused about the use of manga. I was excited though and twittered, well, excitedly. He pretty much talked about how manga is being used for training in Japan - that it's more than just a comic book style. This fascinated him and inspired him to write Johnny Bunko. My favorite tweet from that session:

"Dan pink's next book is a graphic novel on business in manga style. Answers question "wtf?" Seriously."

And yes. That's the question he told us it answered.

Julie, writer Surefirewealth.com

Well, whoever said that we can't make a comic book out of topics like career? In fact, it might even be a better medium than tedious books that aren't really effective at all. It sounds like a promising concept and I wonder how well it will do.

Kevin Dugan

Kyle - A lot of the Twitter toys are addictive. Glad you like Tweetvolume.

Michelle - Dan is a great speaker. Cool that he inspired you on manga.

Julie - Playing Devil's advocate I hope manga does not catch on too much. My fear is it will/could be the equivalent of book on tape. I think there are places for manga and book on tape for that matter. But I do not think it replaces long form content either.

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