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Viqi French

Seems we're running parallel tracks:

1. I, too, was chosen for a Schmap.com photo feature. One of my images heads their Chicago Parks District page. Their widget offer is a PR 101 (viral) classic. I don't recall hearing of Schmap before they got me excited about a photo exposure like your cool Bloomingdale's op. Now suddenly, I'm thinking of giving them a widget on my blog? ;-)

2. I just discovered the permissions page on Flickr last night. Decided I'll allow viral use of my photos through this system. And to your Flickr *stock photo* point... From your lips to the Flickr-god's ears, PayPal deposits and all!


Emma McCleary

I agree - Flickr is a great resource; is there anything that's not on there? I've used it to source photos for everything from our company Public Relations website to a Government annual report using a Creative Commons licence.

Kevin Dugan

Viqi - Congratulations on getting selected for the Schmap Guide.

Emma - It can be hit or miss in a lot of ways, but the experential nature of a lot of the shots are what I really enjoy the most....less generic and without that stock photoy feel to them.


Very interesting

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