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Geoff Livingston

Ads are easy to ignore. Your head sees them, and quickly turns itself off. "Disengage, move along, move along."

Scott Baradell

In Pick of the Thicket, I just posted about a study that basically said Internet users who click on ads are usually the least savvy Web users -- in many cases, they don't even know what the hell they're clicking on.

Love the idea about Bible advertising. Mark my word: it WILL happen if it hasn't already somewhere.

Kevin Dugan

Geoff - Hard to ignore, easy to forget!

Scott - Where's Waldo meets the illustrated bible...yeah, it probably has happened somewhere before. I hope I'm not giving anyone ideas.

Theron Harmon

Sick but true. Ad blight has become pervasive. I'm in the promotional products business, and even I'm of the mind that it is way out of control. I wonder if there is some type of book, class or website on the ethics of placement.

Since ads are already on police cars, the next step is to print a coupon on the traffic citation.

Samuel Janson

I don't believe that it is that marketers becoming smarter with placement. I believe that companies and government departments have learned that (just like NASCAR) that open space sells, so why not sell it. Police departments, like other organizations, are having their budgets cut. Why then is it ridiculous then to expect them to find alternate forms of revenue to cover their overhead?

Some people are really lazy and getting a forehead tattoo is what they may deem as an appropriate form of income, even if most people disapprove.


Oddly, I read an article in Cincinnati Magazine about a P&G sponsored cemetery. Headstones were equipped with LCDs that could display the deceased's favorite SNL skit, sports clip or a custom video tribute. However, if a stranger, unrelated to the deceased, was browsing the headstones he would see an advertisement for Pringles or Bounty.

I was in shock when I read the article (it was on the last page, adjacent to the back cover) but there was no indication that it was a joke.


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Kyle Burke

I can't believe you don't mention bathroom advertising in this article. Most people seem to like it so why not put it where people have time to read?

The bible advertising is a little over the top.

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