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Jason Falls

Great post, Kevin. Being on the agency side, it's not surprising I would lean toward the client side in terms of blame, but let me say that in my relatively short time in agency life, I have noticed shortcomings on both sides of the aisle in relationships that have soured. Your wide-angle point of view is well-received.

I will say this, however. How can a client expect an agency to learn their business, conduct the appropriate market research, develop focused strategies, concept creative, run through the revision process, launch campaigns then adjust strategies accordingly in two years? I've been working with a particular client for almost two years now and I still understand about 1/5 of their business.

Clients need to understand that a marketing or advertising agency almost needs to start from the ground floor, learn the ins and outs of you, your customers, your competition and so on before there can be reasonable expectation of tremendous success. Until that point, there are agencies that are good at holding down the fort, tweaking as they go and what-not, but two years is simply not enough time.

The problem is the CEOs and CMOs are given annual deadlines to improve or even they won't last long. The current lifespan of a CMO among fortune 500 companies is something like 26 months. Is that the agency's fault? Don't think so. Corporations want immediate returns on an investment that takes years to mature. The business tenor of today doesn't allow CMOs or agencies to be successful.

My agency has clients that come and go, just like everyone else's. But we also have two clients who have been with us for 40 years. And those two clients have experience the most success of any we've worked with.

Certainly, my view is from one side of the aisle. I look forward to the continued discussion to get others' take.


Hi Kevin...This post made Jo's Top 5 this week.


Hi Kevin...This post made Jo's Top 5 this week.

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