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Shama Hyder

As a marketing consultant-I have to say-that's tough. They would be well advised to scrap the publication and go completely online. A blog network. A blog column on each topic-entertainment, music, fashion, etc. Online contests and other community building activities. Low low cost. What's not to love?

Chip Griffin

Just remember that people still love reading TV Guide. I'd be interested to hear more about this particular project's success, but I don't think it's a bad idea at all.

Kevin Dugan

Shama - I think CBS has a lot of character blogs on top of watch magazine believe it or not.

Chip - Good point on TV Guide, albeit it has lighter content along with the schedules. It will be interesting to see results at some point.

David Reich

Actually, I think CBS has a smart idea with this. It;s just one more way to try to build audience awareness and involvement, through background and behind-the-scenes features. Yes, it could (and should) be online, but a good-looking printed piece makes a good handout and give-away... and it will get read. If they can sell some ads in it along the way, that's bonus dollars.

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