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Drew McLellan


I agree with you completely -- this company has cast its net too wide. They need to find that sweet spot, both in terms of their verticals and the size of the companies within each vertical.

Then, they can think about marketing. But first, define the playing field.


Valeria Maltoni

"The hardest part of this exercise is not deciding what the marketing firm should be, it’s deciding what the marketing firm shouldn’t be." Which also means don't put all that you do in your brand promise ;-) Be gutsy and choose what you stand for. It is so tempting to want to pile things on.



I really like the concept of finding the areas where both industry disiplines - high tech and health - overlap, and concentrating on prospects and clients that function in that "sweet spot". It's probably instrument marketers, a market large enough to support a consultant specializing in smaller company clients. Now you play to your own strengths and experience while offering unique insights to clients usually driven by technology, not marketing.



What in god's name did Optimus Prime ever do to you?

jen_chan, writer SureFireWealth.com

I love how you divided focus into 2. There's Focus and there's Now Really Focus. No matter how intense our concentration may be, it's always advisable to take a second look. There's still more to discover. And research is always number one. I think knowing your audience, your clients, what you're up against, etc. is the best way to begin anything.

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