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Geoff Livingston

Interesting to see how well USA Today is positioned in that chart. Very interesting.

Kevin Dugan

Geoff - Yeah, and the question is not who has the most tools, which papers are having the most success with these tools.

Side by side comparisons like this, and the marketing blog rankings, can be pretty subjective. Our local daily (Gannett-owned) uses Wapo as their measuring stick based on local penetration.

While USA Today might be seen by some as the jewel in Gannett's crown, I think they are doing more interesting, relevant social media work in the local markets.

Colin McKay

"And that’s why you’re reading this stuff in the first place, right?"

Actually, I'm largely looking to blogs for predictions on Britney's big performance at the VMAs. I would really love to see her dance in front of a chorus line of dancing Cheetos.

Kevin Dugan

I'm thinking more along the lines of Fritos or Pork Rinds.

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