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Jason Falls

Great finds! I'm writing a PP today about taking a business to social networking sites like Facebook. You read my mind ... starting to scare me ... very helpful but borderline weird.

Kudos, my man!

Kevin Dugan

That aluminum foil hat is starting to look pretty good, eh? Just try and get that PP deck down to 20 slides in 20 seconds. It's a good goal!


Great post! I am in a cybermedia design class right now and the Animoto and Scrapblog pages are great. I also watched the YouTube video--it is very interesting to see how he presented the information. It is also interesting to note that little changes ( like in the wording of a sign ) can actually make that much of a change in people's perceptions. It is certainly something PR practitioners should pay close attention to.

Kevin Dugan

Abby - Thanks for the feedback. You're right about PR folks needing to pay more attention to these things. It sounds like you are taking a great class that will help you do just that. We took very few design classes when I went to uni.

In the past, I always treated sites like YouTube and Flickr like a repository where I stored pics and vids and served them up elsewhere. More and more I am seeing people use it as a two-way connection. It's smart to tke this appraoch. If the picture inspires me and you have linked it to a post that has in turn created a conversation...you should definitely link to the post from Flickr, YouTube etc.

This is to say, we're always learning but the more we play with this stuff the smarter we get about it all. Thanks again for stopping by.

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