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Jason Falls

Facebook is just going to go and ruin my whole personal networking vs. professional networking hang up, aren't they. Damn those innovators and user-minded companies!?!

Kevin Dugan

I hear ya Jason. But Google, IMHO, ruins that for you. Even a walled garden social network is not foolproof for you funneling your professional and personal selves into two separate compartments like "church and state."

So let your freak flag fly and see what happens. lol. just kidding.

Jason Falls

You're right. Damn those Google innovator people! I actually participated in Paul Gillin's teleconference yesterday. Blog post forthccoming ... I may actually email him for some direct reaction, too. This is an interesting issue (for me). I think the conversation will grow beyond my feeble mind, too.

Jason Falls

Hey Kevin (et al). He responded on his blog, I did so in kind on mine. FYI.

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