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Bryan Person, Monster Blogger

At day-long conference of sorts -- in the physical world -- hosted by Linden Lab in Boston back in September, a Second Life developer said that the American Apparel store was a pure PR play from the start. The store went it up, AA got a ton of press over it, and never did much or anything more in Second Life to continue to engage in-world residents.

Seems plausible enough to me. But you have to admit, AA did get some great PR mileage out of the move. People are still using it as a an example in presentations of companies that are getting involved in Second Life.

Paying developers $100,000 to build a cool island is the easy part. The bigger challenge for companies is figuring out what to *do* with these fancy new spaces they've had built. "Build it, and they will come" usually isn't true in Second Life.

Kevin Dugan

Bryan - If PR was their goal, they definitely reached their goal. From what I've been reading, it looks like a brand that is serious about SL should not be focused on an island but more about integrating into the marketplaces that already exist and where the real business is going on in SL. Makes sense from a resource perspective too as it would be easier to accomplish and, perhaps, maintain.

Aloft's project and departure still makes sense to me. They launched a brand in second life, used feedback from visitors to tweak the design. Re-launched the design and now they are more focused on launching it in the real world. They built a following online that will surely want to see the hotel in real space.

Temporary projects like this are something most folks probably do not think about...not unlike temporary event blogs.


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